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Conserve Water

Conserve Energy

Conservation Through Recycling

Conservation may be defined as the act of balancing the needs of the environment with the needs of humanity. As a human race, we depend on the planet Earth for our sustenance, our livelihoods and our very survival. The best way to practice energy conservation is to use less energy in your home and to recycle waste products whenever possible. What we take from it must be taken responsibly so that it will continue to be available for future generations. We need to practice water conservation and energy preservation by going green with more green living aspects in our lives.

The primary focus of conservation efforts on our planet are directed toward promoting and maintaining the healthful balance of the natural world, including forests, fisheries, habitats, and biological diversity. In order to accomplish these broader efforts, there are many tiers of "secondary focus" we can all participate in such as water conservation, energy conservation, and recycling. All of these efforts grouped together, comprising the philosophy of "going green", are actions we as individuals can start taking today. Ultimately, these actions will determine our planetís fate, and this impacts us all.