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green living practices

Green Living Through Your Home Decor and Decorating

Green Living Through Home Building

Green Living in Your Garden and Plants

Living Green by Recycling and Conserving Energy

Green living is a choice that we make as individuals to change to a green lifestyle in ways that reduce our impact on the environment. Going green is a lifestyle which includes water and energy conservation, sustainable living, and protecting our natural resources. Through green living we are reducing waste, implementing recycling and reuse programs or simply implementing healthy lifestyle choices, such as organic or homegrown foods. If we all make greener choices, the future of our planet will be brighter; making conscious, informed decisions in your day-to-day life will have a very big effect on our earth in the long-term.

There are numerous ways to go green and be more environmentally conscious when making day to day decisions. Installing a programmable thermostat to control when your a/c or heater goes on and off, pays for itself after one month. Lowering your thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer will also help you reduce your energy consumption. It is also a good idea to have your units services regularly so they are functioning at optimal efficiency.

What are some other ways to save our planet and consume fewer resources? Purchase only the food you need for the next few days. There is a huge amount of waste in food going bad before you have had a chance to eat it. And speaking of food, can you ride your bike to the store - saving gas and lessening the CO2 emissions. Bring re-usable bags to the store for your groceries. Purchase more products that are "organically" grown - which means there are not pestisides used and this saves the soil and the planet.

Green living is not only a way of life, it is a state of mind. The next time you are going to turn up your thermostat or go to the store, think about what you could be doing to reduce or re-use your energy consumption. A few small steps now will go a long way in the future to help our quest for conservation and saving the planet.

Just Green It!