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Solar Panel Estimator Based on Zipcode

It's always tough to know where to start when you make the decision to get solar panels installed. Most of us don't even know the amount of electricity we consume every month! Even if you do know your energy consumption, the next question asked is always, "What is it going to cost?"

By merely entering in your zipcode, this calculator can estimate the size of your solar array, the tax incentives you qualify for in your state and based on your utility. The calculator also estimates the amount of time it will take to pay for the cost of the installation and the carbon offset.

Using the calculator, here is the kind of information you can get regarding savings due to installing a solar panel array:

Avg. Monthly Savings: $90.00
25 Year Savings: $44,977.58
25 Year ROI: 200.29%
Break Even: 15.43 years