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If you ask anyone what the hot topic of the day is - they will say "Green Living" or "Renewable Energy Sources". Both of these are equally important and equally newsworthy at this moment in time. That is because as the world's population uses more and more natural resources in it's day to day living activities, these resources are in jeapardy of become scarce. We as a civilization need to find alternative sources of energy and these sources need to have less of an impact on our planet.

As we burn coal for electricity, use gasoline to run our cars and planes, and grow our food using chemicals and hormones, all of these activities increases the amount of cardon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere. This overwhelming amount of CO2, or greenhouse gas, in our atmosphere is one of the catalysts for global warming. It was not until recently that were have been able to calculate just how much each of us contributes to this change in our climate through the emission of CO2.

Every day there is a new buzz word surrounding energy conservation and we will try to keep you up to date with all the breaking news. We have information on carbon credits, carbon footprint calculators, and how to reduce your carbon footprint - just to name a few. Check back frequently as we will be updating this information to keep pace with the ever changing landscape of living green.

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